Daddy’s Hands

Daddy’s hands take care of us all!

Special care for a newborn calf in need.

This baby was born with complications. We worked together to save him, but even our best efforts weren’t good enough.

As my husband and I attempted to save another calf, I couldn’t help but think about how much ranchers have in common with nurses and emergency workers.

Our patients differ, but our commitment to saving every life does not. We have brought calves back from the brink of death, rejoiced in that blessing, only to have them die from fluke, unrelated accidents.

Like nurses, ranchers also suffer exhaustion, burn-out, and lack of appreciation. Yet, we forge on.

Our way of life isn’t easily understood by many, but please know, our way of caring for you hinges on taking care of our animals!

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About thewritingrancher

I'm passionate, driven, and dedicated to my family. Connecting with people through my writing brings me joy and purpose while leaving a legacy for my children. Cheers to "Writing for the Brand"!
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