Clear as Mud

“Clarity is when your eyes and mind see what your heart feels.” ~ Me❤️

When you doubt yourself for whatever the reasons may be, you end up feeling restless. When you aren’t clear about what you want, you’ll likely end up where someone else decides you should be. Indecision is, indeed, a decision to walk a foggy path.

How do I know all this with such certainty?

Because I have lived it. I have doubted my own intuitions and believed a relentlessly harsh inner monologue. I even slip back into it all occasionally.

I am capable of doing many things. I even occasionally say yes to all the things before giving thought to what I’ve done.🤷‍♀️

But, I also believe “I can” doesn’t mean “I should” or even “I want”.

None of this is to imply a life well lived is one where you only do what you want to do while saying to hell with anything else. Life, especially one in agriculture, requires a special level of commitment to what must be done for the greater good while honoring what must be done for the better you.

When I think about times of crystal clarity in my past, I am reminded how much I need and desire clarity in my present.

The Rancher and I went on our first official date 19 years ago. I knew when we met the week before that he was my future, and we haven’t been apart since. I trusted my heart, and it led me home because my vision was clear despite the well-founded doubts of some others. Quieting the noise around and within me is what keeps me here also.

I left my town career 10 years ago, and I know it was the right, clear choice for me. Yet, I found myself judging and doubting my decision for years.

Those years were rough, to say the least. I landed in a wickedly foggy, dark place and stayed stuck in some deeply hurtful feelings until some people I love very much helped me break free. I don’t have 100% of my clarity back, but I’ve got really amazing glimpses of it that keep me moving forward.

Clarity lives within each of us. We already possess all we need to live our best, authentic journeys. Perhaps what is missing for so many of us are the people who help hold us accountable to ourselves.

It’s a philosophical kind of day for me. The kind of day I need in order to reset and refocus. I don’t pretend to know the kind of day you need for the same result, but whatever it is, I hope you know it, embrace it, and make time to honor it.

#WeAreRanchers #clarity

About thewritingrancher

I'm passionate, driven, and dedicated to my family. Connecting with people through my writing brings me joy and purpose while leaving a legacy for my children. Cheers to "Writing for the Brand"!
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