Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree!

For the first time in our nearly 20 years together, our tree is not laden with totes of ornaments tied to memories and stories through the years. Generally, The Rancher preps and places the tree. I fill it with lights. Then, the kids spend a night laughing and chatting as they recant memories and ask for reminders about each ornament while a Hallmark movie or Christmas music fills the background.

This year though we took a vote and found ourselves in agreement. Likely stressed by life, our tree seemed too delicate to bear the weight of tradition. Instead, it will stand tall and shine bright while we keep it watered, enjoy its simple presence, and carry on through the Christmas season.

Maybe we’re the only family who feels like this tree, but I’m guessing not. Though life has stressed us and some ceremonial traditions feel too heavy, we find tremendous gratitude for those dear ones who keep our souls nourished and spirits bright. Thanks to our tree and some quiet time to think, we’ll continue to shine as we’re able in hopes of reminding others to do the same💞 Wishing all who read this God’s peace and good tidings. #WeAreRanchers#ohchristmastree

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I'm passionate, driven, and dedicated to my family. Connecting with people through my writing brings me joy and purpose while leaving a legacy for my children. Cheers to "Writing for the Brand"!
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