Family Growth

Every day since my last post has presented opportunity to write about something, to share a lesson or glimpse into our lives as parents/partners/ranchers/friends in central South Dakota.

Yet, I held back and decided those lessons and glimpses were not for public viewing. They were moments for our family to process, live, and then to grow. πŸ’ž

Then, bam–these pictures from Focus Marketing Group came out, and I felt what was right to share. πŸ’ž

I share not for the win but for the look of joy on our oldest son’s face. So often, The Rancher and I still see our son’s tiny 3# face; photos like this remind us our kids are growing up quickly!

Not the wins, not the prizes. These pictures showcase the work, the drive, the frustrations, the maturity, and the value of everything we do. We are not show cattle people. In fact, for all the time show cattle require, that part of our life receives the least attention. However, that part of our life is also what highlights what’s most important to who we are and who we are becoming. πŸ’ž

Six years ago, our twins fell in love with Herefords and Simmentals, and my brother devoted himself to guiding them while my parents re-committed themselves to the show circle. Then, South Dakota Jr. Hereford Association and South Dakota Junior Simmental Association friends became family. Combine that with a whole lot of prayers from people who love us, and we fully realize exactly how blessed our life is no matter how overwhelming it can feel.

Without showing cattle as part of our state’s junior breed associations, we wouldn’t have developed “ride or die” relationships with people who not only understand us but also hold us accountable to our values. Showing cattle at state and national events has opened up a new world of friendships and opportunities, the kind that transcend industries and influence lives.

Showing cattle helps us make what can be a lonely, misunderstood ranch life stronger and more fulfilling. πŸ’ž I don’t expect everyone who crosses this post to agree or to understand. I do hope, however, anyone who finds this message also finds inspiration to discover and appreciate life-giving people or activities in their own lives. #WeAreRanchers #grateful πŸ’ž

The family that shows together grows together.
This photo represents so much more than the titles won that day. Thanks to showing cattle, we will look back one day and realize some of our best memories really did start in a barn.

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I'm passionate, driven, and dedicated to my family. Connecting with people through my writing brings me joy and purpose while leaving a legacy for my children. Cheers to "Writing for the Brand"!
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