Dear Beef Eater

Dear Beef Eater,

In case you’re doubting it, the beef you buy in the grocery store or at the restaurant is safe, nutritious, and worth your investment! Also, while there is no shortage of healthy animals ready to enter the supply chain, the inability of packing plants to run at full capacity might make it appear there’s a shortage in your preferred shopping center. Don’t worry; we’re all working on it.

We U.S. cow/calf ranchers, cattle backgrounders, and feedyard operators need U.S.-based packing plants in order for the majority of our animals to reach you, the mass consumer. We also need affordable, safe lean trimmings in order to provide you the low-priced, versatile, nutritious hamburger you’ve grown to love.

For those of you looking for other options, many of us ranchers specifically raise beef animals to be sold in bulk to you. This niche requires more investment from you up front (i.e. freezer space, bulk payment, etc), but we know you’ll enjoy and find value in this option. Like other big purchases, please make sure you’re dealing with a reputable feeder and asking questions. This method isn’t the most convenient the first time around, but once you’ve done it, planned for it, and developed a relationship with your feeder and butcher, you will likely prefer this option for as long as it exists.

So dear beef eater, please continue to have faith in the beef industry. From the hard-working men and women on the packing plant floor to the hard-working men and women in Midwest pastures, we are committed to providing you a safe, delicious, nutritious, and affordable protein source. And, we are all working to be able to do that while making a living for our families too.

With thanks for your support,
A writing and working SD rancher

#WeAreRanchers #sdbeef #BeefMonth

About thewritingrancher

I'm passionate, driven, and dedicated to my family. Connecting with people through my writing brings me joy and purpose while leaving a legacy for my children. Cheers to "Writing for the Brand"!
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