Cherishing small moments

Sharing Proud Moments

The rancher and I rushed from the hustle of daily responsibilities to share in our daughter’s big moment at the dojo.

About 4:30 am, I finally crawled in bed. Visions of at least two sleep-filled hours filled my head. Santa sweetly left a small gift for each child unwrapped, so it was a full three hours before the rancher and I were rattled awake by the excitement only kids on Christmas morning possess!


This morning, we are rejoicing, celebrating our Savior’s birth. We are reveling in quiet, sweet moments of family. And, we’re doing it all–like our fellow ranchers–in the midst of daily cattle care and ranch responsibilities…our lives don’t follow the calendar or clock.

As we wish you a blessed Christmas season, we hope you’ll find some extra time for your loved ones. Share a hug. Have a conversation. None of us knows what the coming year will bring. Enjoy the moments of your life because those small gifts of joy, peace, and love are what carry you through the moments of grief, anger, and frustration.

Merry Christmas all, and thank you for sharing this journey with us!! #WeAreRanchers

About thewritingrancher

I'm passionate, driven, and dedicated to my family. Connecting with people through my writing brings me joy and purpose while leaving a legacy for my children. Cheers to "Writing for the Brand"!
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